Municipal Court Testimonials

I used Mr. Jordan Gale for a municipal court case. He did a great job and hod over 75% of my charges dropped. He did an amazing job. Mr. Gale and his team made me feel confident and comfortable that everything would work out and it did. –

- Guy D.

I had a very important case held at Municipal Court which could have added to my record along with heavy fines. After reviewing the case and evidence, he was able to reduce the fine significantly while not adding anything to my record. Jordan comes highly recommended and you will not be disappointed with his work and professionalism.

- Jon M.

Craig is a phenomenal lawyer that turned into a friend. He took on a municipal case for me, even though it isn't normally his specialty, and was very successful in getting my charges amended in the best way possible. Truly best case scenario situation here. Craig is also a very alert and realistic type of person by nature. Doesn't get you worked up over anything, keeps you as informed as possible, and makes for a very smooth experience for us both. I will highly recommend him in any opportunity I can and look forward to seeing him and the staff again (under different circumstances of course)

- Chas M.