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You need a law firm that understands that the purchase of a house is often the largest purchase an individual or couple will make during their lifetime.  A real estate contract creates an obligation on the Sellers and the Buyers, and it is important that any client of this firm fully understand the nature and extent of these obligations.

Jeffrey B. Gale, Esq. has been closing titles for residential and commercial real estate for over forty (40) years.  He has served as outside bank counsel for United Jersey Bank, N.A., is familiar with the requirements of commercial acquisitions and financing and is considered by the Asbury Park Press as Mortgage Law expert.


We were searching for a real estate lawyer to help with the process of selling our home in NJ.   We liked the fact that Jordan handles everything himself no middle person to go through. We found Jordan very knowledgeable, easy to speak with, how and very attentive to us.   We highly recommend Jordan Gale. – Paul C.


Attorney Review Clause

A typical residential contract prepared by a real estate broker provides for a three (3) day attorney review period.  During the attorney review period you have the opportunity to discuss the contents of the contract with this office and confirm that the written agreement is consistent with your understanding of the transaction.

Often times there are additional concerns expressed by our clients during the attorney review period.  These may include:

  • An adjustment of the closing date,
  • The need for the contract to be contingent upon the sale of the Buyers current home, or
  • An understanding as to whether or not the Buyer will be permitted to construct future improvements on the property (an addition to the house, an in ground pool, etc.).

This firm makes every effort to understand ALL of the concerns of our clients and to resolve them in a manner that protects the interests of our clients.

Representing clients in a real estate transaction is more than simply pushing a pile of papers in front of the clients, and telling them to sign their name in the highlighted areas. Representing clients means understanding the documents that you are asking them to sign, and explaining the documents in a manner that allows the clients to understand what they are signing.


I recently used Jordan for a double closing on my former and new home.  I truly believe if any other attorney represented me besides Jordan, neither closing would have occurred.  Jordan is extremely organized, excellent with communication and always put my interests first throughout the closing process.  I cannot say enough about the professionalism and integrity Jordan displayed.  Against, if it weren’t for Jordan, I wouldn’t be in my new home enjoying the rest of summer.  To that, I thank you Jordan! – Ryan G.


Real Estate Contracts

Real Estate contracts are intended to convey title to the property and structures (the house) free and clear of all liens.  Most contracts do not contain any representations or promises as your ability to construct future improvements on the property (an addition to the house, an in ground pool, etc.).  Municipalities have zoning ordinances in place which limit the areas of permitted construction and which limit the amount (percentage) of permitted lot coverage by impervious surface.  If you have any questions relating to future development of the property, you should review these questions with the zoning officer of the municipality in which you are purchasing property before the completion of the attorney review period.


We just sold our home of 44 years and were very unfamiliar with the entire process. Through recommendation of friends, we contacted Jordan Gale of the Gale & Laughlin Law Firm. Jordan proved to be very knowledgeable regarding real estate transactions and walked us through the process step by step. Prior to the actual closing, we moved out of state and Jordan expertly handled our closing for us. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. – Elizabeth O.


Effective Legal Counsel

The attorneys at Gale & Laughlin have represented a countless numbers buyers and sellers in real estate matters.  We make sure that you are informed and satisfied throughout the transaction.  Our attorneys are up-to-date on all of the new Real Estate Regulation in the State of New Jersey and are prepared to assist you in your transaction. We handle the buying and selling of real estate throughout Monmouth County, Middlesex County and Ocean CountyContact us today and let our lawyers take care of the contractual obligations.

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Jordan Gale of the law firm of Gale and Laughlin represented me in the recent sale of my home in New Jersey. I found Attorney Gale to be professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring. He was especially patient with me as I am a senior. He was always available for me to contact him when needed. I would recommend Mr. Gale and his firm without hesitation.  Maria F


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